Your period matters.

Menstrual cycle can tell you a lot about your overall health – normal healthy period is an important sign that your body is getting everything it needs for your cycle and reproductive system to function normally

Regular, healthy cycle is a VITAL sign of health.

Because when your body doesn’t get enough energy and nutrients to function at optimal level, menstrual cycle is one of the first systems to suffer

Of course it is – if your body thinks it can’t support itself, it’s going to focus on essential systems like heart or brain..

And of course – if your body thinks it can’t support itself, it won’t think it’s capable of growing another human being.

You were born to enjoy your body.

Now you can learn how to work with your cycle instead of pushing through.

When you understand phases your body and mind are going through, every single month, you can unlock your superpower.

Being a woman IS magic. It is power. It is wild and it is gentle.

You have that magic within you, all of it. Your birthright, as a woman, is to have the magic within you.

Now it’s time to learn how to embrace it.

How to step in it.

How to bathe yourself in it – for the rest of your life.

Not getting your period is NOT normal.

Irregular periods are NOT normal.

Being tired all the time is NOT normal.

Needing 50 cups of coffee to survive a day is NOT normal.

Suffering PMS is NOT normal.

“Crazy bitch” time of the month is NOT normal.

Extreme mood swings are NOT normal.

Never desiring sex is NOT normal.

Don’t ignore these issues.

Your body is trying to tell you something.

Luckily, all of this can go back to normal – once you get your normal, healthy cycle back.

Healthy menstrual cycle is an important part of your longterm health


you can do a lot to support it


it’s really simple!

Being one with your cycle, with your female body will transform the relationship you have with wellness.

Because Self-love, Period. is designed to support you in discovering exactly what works for you.

I understand that you are unique.

I understand that only YOU know what’s best for you.

And, every step of the way, I honor your truth.

Self-love, Period. is different than any other program of this kind.

Because I let you take the wheel.

Because you know the best.

Self-love, Period. comes with no obligations and absolutely no restrictions.

Because I know intuitive eating is the only way you can create your own wellness.

Because I know restrictions don’t work and I refuse to tell you what to eat.

Because I know your body is wise, powerful and knows exactly what it needs to work wonderfully for you.

You were born to rejoice in your female body.

You were born a wild woman.

You were born knowing.

It’s time to dip yourself back into your wisdom.

So if you want to learn:

– How to nurture your hormones without complicated protocols, processes or horrible diets

– How to have healthy period

Simple, sustainable lifestyle changes that make ALL the difference longterm

– All about the foundation of feminine self-care

– How to nourish your body with food freedom approach

– How to use biology of your menstrual cycle to make it your superpower

– How to handle the No.1 hormonal enemy

You will learn why stress and sleep are crucial for your hormonal health.

We live in a society where we wear “busy” as a badge of honor, spending all of our time trying to make our way through never ending To-do lists.

As women, we put ourselves last, believing that caring for everyone else first makes us better women, mothers, workers, friends, wives.

We burn ourselves out, not praticing self-care, not sleeping enough, living in the chronic stress – and then wonder why are our bodies out of balance.

It’s time to change this; you are better for other only when you fill your cup first.

Nobody benefits if you sacrifice your health seeking external approvals of your worthiness.

You will learn how to manage your stress on a daily basis in a way that feels amazing to you, in a way that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

You will learn why you must prioritize sleep to be healthy, to honor your body, to have balance in your system.

Week one of Self-Love, Period. will allow you to create nurturing habits for a lifetime, habits that are going to have great impact on your hormonal and overall health.

More importantly, habits you choose during week one of Self-love, Period. are going to be ones that bring you joy.

You need to WANT to fill your cup.

Joyful movement and loving nutrition are a part of building blocks of your hormonal health.

You will learn all about why joyful movement is a beautiful part of your hormone nurturing, what are the benefits.

You will learn how to incorporate movement that feels good in your life – because different parts of the cycle require different approach.

And because nurturing your hormones and honoring your body need to be joyful for you, movement needs to be celebration of your body and a way to connect with yourself.

In a module on loving nutrition, you will learn how to incorporate loving, gentle nutrition in your journey.

You will learn why it’s important to have healthy relationship with food in order to be able to truly nurture your hormones, why intuitive eating is the best approach and how you can gently include nutrition advice that honors your hormones

always with non-diet approach, always loving and gentle, never with restrictions.

You need to WANT and enjoy honoring your body with movement and nutrition in a gentle way that fits your unique life, otherwise it’s not healthy.

Week three is going to shine light on the truth about inflammation, because what we have learned from diet culture are lies.

You will learn what’s really going on with the whole inflammation story.

You will learn how is inflammation connected to hormones.

You will learn about benefits you get from reducing inflammation (non-diet approach, of course) and what you can do to reduce inflammation, without restrictions.

Week three is also going to shine light on the truth about detox, what it really means, what is really happening in your body, because the whole detox story has also been tainted by diet culture, creating fear and disordered eating. So we’re going to put an end on that for you.

You will learn how you can gently support detoxing that happens in your body.

You will learn all the different ways that we come in touch with hormonal disruptors and why it’s a beautiful practice to reduce these hormonal disruptors in our lives, in a gentle way that feels good to you.

Spoiler alert: it’s not going to include cutting out all (or any) of your favorite foods 

In the second part of Self-love, Period. we are diving deep into honoring our feminine and unlocking our greatest magic.

Just like Mother Nature, we women are cyclical beings. We also ebb and flow, changing seasons – every month.

Every single phase of our beautiful cycle has it’s own magic.

In the first two modules from “In Sync With Your Cycle” part, we are going to talk about our follicular and ovulation phases.

You will learn all about general aspects of both phases.

What’s going on in your body during follicular phase? What happens in ovulation? Why does this happen?

You will then learn about emotional, inner and lifestyle aspects of each phase – how they biologically make perfect sense, but also how they relate to everything you do in life.

Your will also learn what actions can you take to support yourself during follicular phase and during ovulation phase, related to emotional, lifestyle and inner aspects of the phase.

You will learn how to show up for yourself during each phase.

Your will learn all about physical aspects of both phases and what actions can you take to support yourself, to harness the power of each phase.

You will learn how each phase has different impact on your relationships, on your food world, on your movement, sex life, career, friendships…

And how to sync in with each phase and use the magic it brings for your highest good.

Just like our follicular and ovulation phases have their own magic, so do luteal and menstrual phases.

You will learn all about general aspects of phases: what is happening in your body during luteal phase and menstruation.

What’s the significance of each phase biologically? How does it relate to your world, your life?

We will dismantle the myths about both of these phases, that are often seen as troublesome, for they both carry immense power.

You will learn all about emotional, lifestyle and inner aspects of luteal phase and menstruation.

You will learn how to harness the power of each phase, how to use each phase for your advantage.

You will learn about physical aspects of each phase and how it relates to your every day life. What actions can you take to support and use these phases of your cycle?

You will learn how each phase has different impact on your relationships, on your food world, on your movement, sex life, career, friendships…

And how to sync in with each phase and use the magic it brings for your highest good.

Our last week of hanging out in Self-love, Period. will be all about going through what we’ve learned during our time together.

We will talk about your experiences so far, we will talk about how you intend to continue your Self-love, Period. journey in the future.

What actions did work well for you? What else would you like to try? How do you feel about what you’ve learn in these 10 modules of Self-love, Period.?

It’s important for you to have a vision of how you intend to carry the wisdom you’ve gathered during your journey through Self-love, Period. because nurturing your hormones, syncing in with your cycle, taking loving care of yourself and your health is an on-going process.

Self-love, Period. is here to mark the start of your journey, but it’s not the end – all the habits, actions and wisdom you’ve included in your life during these 6 weeks stays with you forever.

Your health is a long-term game, you need to practice loving self-care through the lifetime.

And now, with all you’ve learned with Self-love, Period. you will feel confident:

– About your health and what it means for you

– How you can always care for yourself in a way that feels good to you, and that fits your unique life

Syncing in with your cycle, honoring your feminine to access true well-being & unlock your magic

What’s included:

– 10 video modules to watch at your own pace, including:

1. General hormone nurturing modules: each of these modules serves as a foundation of lovingly nurturing your hormonal health. We talk about different aspects of hormone nurturing, while giving your full freedom of chosing what works for you and what you want to implement.

2. Sync in with your cycle modules: you will learn what each phase of the cycle looks like. You will learn about different aspects of each phase of your cycle – inner aspects and physical aspects. We talk about how to use each phase of the cycle to help you live a life true to you, with exact steps, but without pressure of implementation.

PDFs of each module, so that you can come back to it easily, whenever you need

– Access to private FB community for support, where you can connect with other women on the same path and where you can ask me anything too

– Instant, unlimited access to all materials

Inside, you'll find:

Available in days
days after you enroll
  General Hormone Nurturing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  In Sync With Your Cycle
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Join Self-Love, Period now:

Join Self-Love, Period now:

FAQ for Self-love, Period.

– Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

Yes, yes you do!

All of the materials, video modules, PDFs of each module, hypnosis recording, meditation recording and ebooks are available for download.

That means you can access everything online and you can download everything to have access to it anytime, anywhere as long as you have it downloaded on your favorite devices!

– I am a busy woman, will I still be able to participate, feel supported and benefit from Self-love, Period. program?

Of course!

All the modules are available for you to watch at your own pace, and you can come back to each of them as necessary for you! You are the boss of this beautiful journey, and everything is available to you so that you can use it in a way that feels best for you and fits your lifestyle!

In our private FB community, you will also be able to ask any questions you have and be supported by me, and other students.

– I have PCOS, thyroid issues, irregular periods and/or other specific hormonal conditions, can I still be inside Self-love, Period.?


Self-love, Period. is a program where you learn all the necessary ways of nurturing your hormones and syncing in with your cycle.

Although specific conditions are not described in detail, Self-love, Period. is a foundation for hormone nurturing and cycle syncing – when you’re equipped with all the tools, wisdom and practices from Self-love, Period. you build an important foundation for your health.

Then, from that place of strong foundation, you can go on and fine tune your journey that it fits your specific condition.

We already had students with PCOS and thyroid issues who enjoyed the program a lot and gained a lot from it!

That being said, it’s important to understand that I’m not a doctor, and it would be the best for you to also consult your doctor and create a journey that’s best for you.

– I am on the pill, am I still going to benefit from joining Self-love, Period.?


Even if you are on the pill, you and your hormones will benefit from nourishment. The thing is, pill doesn’t solve any hormonal issues – pill only masks the issues. If you choose to ditch the pill, those issues are most probably going to show up again, and be worse then they were when you started the pill.

– I have limited budget, am I going to need to buy a lot of stuff to benefit from Self-love, Period., such as million different supplements and super expensive foods?

Absolutely not!

One of the reasons this program is so valuable and unique is putting YOU at the center of your health journey.

I know you’re probably used to health programs that come with a long list of foods to restrict and give up, and a long list of fancy, expensive foods to replace them with (camel milk, anyone?!?), but Self-love, Period. is not one of those programs.

My intention is to help you gain the most benefits, most balance, most health by doing less and actually feeling good about your hormone health journey. And if you need to spend your entire salary on smoothies, that’s not gonna feel good.

So instead, in Self-love, Period. we focus on the things you CAN and, even more importantly, WANT to do for your healing journey. Because health doesn’t necessarily come from $30 organic green smoothie every single morning (but if that’s your jam, you can still find a lot of value in Self-love, Period.)

Self-love, Period. is all about health that fits your lifestyle, in a way that brings you pleasure and joy, and is simple for you to implement!

If you feel called, if you feel aligned with Self-love, Period. and the journey it offers, I would be honored to have you!

If your soul is nudging you to join us, give it a try – there’s something here for you!

Will you answer the call?

Join Self-Love, Period now:

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