Enjoy holiday season celebrating with your family, without feeling guilty, ashamed or out of control with food

Avoid diet and wellness industry detoxes and “New Year New Me” BS

Intuitive Eating through Holidays is for you:

  • If you’re feeling scared about losing control around food through holidays
  • If your relationship with food is stressful and you’re afraid holiday season will be extra hard for you with all the family gatherings and celebrations that include tons of foods available to you
  • If you already started creating “holiday eating rules” for yourself, such as:

- I may only eat “bad” foods on specific holiday days

- 1st of January I’m starting a diet/diet/new lifestyle, until then I’ll “enjoy” myself by eating everything

- I will only eat “healthy” sweets and avoid “bad” ones with carbs/sugar/fat

- After holidays I’ll start a new fitness regime to make up for all the “bad” foods I’m eating

- I’ll save calories by skipping meals so I can eat all the foods I want at family dinner

You already know how this goes:

  • Instead of enjoying celebrating holidays with your loved ones, you will be obsessing and stressing out about food
  • When you finally “give in” and eat something from your restricted list, you’ll end up eating everything in sight “since you already blew it”, feel guilty and stuffed
  • Then, you will likely promise yourself “you’re going on a diet 1st of January” and continue overeating and feeling bad, stuffed and guilty
  • Your negative talk and body image will drastically increase because of the instensity of the binge-diet cycle
  • Add to it the usual holiday stress of gift shopping, dealing with family, making sure everything is done and perfect for the holidays..

     And you got yourself a recipe for disaster on so many levels

Holiday season should feel better.

How about you spend this holiday season actually enjoying family gatherings, celebrations and all of your favorite holiday foods with no guilt, shame, negative food/body talk, while also creating space to nourish yourself?

With Intuitive Eating Through Holidays you will:

  • Feel confident at the dinner table, knowing you get to enjoy all your favorite foods and feel good about it
  • Know how to create your own balance that feels amazing to you
  • Have tons of mental energy to use on activities that bring you pleasure
  • Actually be fully present in the festive moments instead of thinking about food
  • Be able to fully enjoy all the foods you choose to eat
  • Be at peace through the holidays, knowing that New Year will not start with deprivation
  • Avoid the whole “last supper” overeating
  • Support your body in a loving, gentle, non-restrictive way

Sounds lovely?

Close your eyes, take a breath and feel the joyful feelings Intuitive Eating through Holidays will bring you.

All of it is available to you.

Feel peaceful around cookies

Have fun with your loved ones
Eat your favorite foods without slipping into binge eating

Intuitive Eating through Holidays includes everything you need to know about:

- Real reasons why you end up binge eating/overeating during holidays
- What diet industry doesn’t want you to know about health and healthy eating!
- Letting go of diet mentality and food rules so you can enjoy holidays
- Enjoying satisfaction and pleasure of eating without guilt and shame
- Flexible, loving and gentle ways to support and nourish your body this holiday season
- Creating holiday meals for pleasure AND nourishment
- Tools and tips for meal balance, and why is it important
- Non-restrictive ways to make your holiday meals nourishing
- BONUS!! Self-care beyond food: How to have a holly jolly holiday season (without burning out)


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