Hi, I'm Nina

Let's explore the story of

what it meant to be a woman and

how it still deeply affects us!

Only when we bring our collective female story to light can we truly understand the beliefs, traumas and pain that is still underlying many of our every day decisions. Without us even noticing what’s going on.

Unfortunately, our regular education systems make very little effort in sharing women through HIStory, with bringing to light our suffering, our voices being muted, our divine feminine being dragged through mud, tortured and burned for hundreds of years.

We are left not understanding the impact our female story has on us, still.

We are left not understanding where does the pain, the shame, the guilt, low self-worth, the fear come from.

We are left deeply believing that something is wrong with us, just for being women.

Epigenetics prove that ancestral trauma is very much real. Pain that women who came before us suffered is still trapped within us. It travels through generations of women, all over the world. It affects our daily decisions, our relationships, our emotions - it affects every single aspect of how we lead our lives.

The only way to heal this generational trauma and make sure that women who came after us can enjoy life is to see the pain, feel it, honor it, bring it to light.

If we don’t bring trauma to light, it stays lurking in the shadows, ruling our lives, without us ever understanding the pain, the suffering that’s going on within.

Bringing HERstory to light and sharing what it meant to be a woman through different times is the first step to healing.

When we understand that the trauma we carry is not ours alone, when we understand how deep it runs, we are able to begin processing it. We are able to begin our healing journey.

I will be holding space for healing here, we'll have a beautiful meditation journey through HERstory in the past, honoring women who came before, but also creating the vision for women we want to be.

I will be incorporating different modalities through this healing meditation, so that we can get the most of it.

Healing The Wounded Feminine Meditation is extremely powerful. We will move through time, space, dimensions and come out reborn to create a new world.

It will change you in the ways you can't know until you experience it. In the Healing The Wounded Feminine Meditation, we tap into the collective feminine, ancestral feminine, awakening the sisterhood of all.

When we tap into our collective story and the magic flowing through our blood, we change the way we show up in our life, forever.

We are able to move from our own strength, our own "mountain energy" where we keep our gentleness and our fire.

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